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Welcome to eCloudvalley Newsroom. Many companies start their digital transformation journey nowadays. If a digital transformation project has to have any chance of the impact that it can have, customer experience has to be at the center of digital transformation programs.

Digital Transformation: Three Key Actions To Keep Up Momentum
While it has been an incredibly challenging time for many, it has also provided business leaders with a unique opportunity to reimagine processes and ways of working and fundamentally change them. When we look at organizations that are currently thriving, we see a trend of three key actions their leaders are taking.

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How big data aids digital transformation
The term “big data” first emerged fifteen years ago to put a name to the increasingly large, diverse, and complex volumes of data that could not be easily managed by traditional data management practices. In recent years, as digital transformation picked up steam, big data has emerged as a primary fuel for the journey.

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Digital Transformation = Reimagining of the Business for the Digital Age
Digital transformation is when you enable a non-digital native business to leverage digital technologies to transform themselves such that they are able to not only compete but also thrive in the new business environment.
Digital transformation is a process and a journey and not a destination. One can’t say that now I am digitally transformed. So, how do we embark on this journey?

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