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Welcome to eCloudvalley Newsroom. The world has changed a lot in the past three months. It’s pointless to deny. Alternatively, it is not pointless to embrace these changes and adapt your business.

92% of executives say successful digital transformation requires a dual-track approach
The majority of global business leaders (92%) said that successful digital transformation requires a dual-track approach, according to a report from Harvard Business Review Analytical Services and Quick Base. The report found that such a strategy combines innovation at both the enterprise- and business-process levels.
“But despite existing large-scale digital transformation efforts, siloed data, onerous processes, and rigid systems are holding people on the front lines back,”
“The findings of this report were super clear: Companies need to expand on conventional approaches in order to empower their employees to solve problems and reach their full potential.”

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Digital transformation in the time of COVID-19: The case of MENA
Digital connectivity in the time of COVID-19 is no longer about traditional communication and the search for information; it has become a lifeline for using data, consuming content and engaging in digital applications by individuals, governments and businesses to ensure continuity of economic and social activities in light of social distancing and the complete lockdown in most countries of the world.

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Who Will Lead The Process Of Digital Transformation In Today’s Companies?
Many people believe digital transformation is simply the implementation of new technologies in an existing organization. Some may say it’s enough to simply create a website, add some chatbots and some mobile applications and flesh out your company’s social media to be considered a digital company. But in reality, digital transformation includes the implementation of new technologies like artificial intelligence, Internet of Things solutions and more, along with deep-level procedural changes to corporate culture, business processes and customer experience.

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