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Welcome to eCloudvalley Newsroom. When the global pandemic first hit, businesses were thrust into a new environment they hadn’t encountered before. Organizations were sending nearly their entire workforces home to work remotely, and IT leaders were focused on business continuity to make sure their organizations stayed operational. See how to make a stronger business now.

Digital Transformation Report: AI, Cloud based SaaS, and the Latest Fintech will Transform Banking in Next 5 Years
The CEO at Temenos, a Switzerland-based banking software company, notes that the COVID-19 outbreak has accelerated the demand for the latest banking technologies and other cost-cutting performance efficiencies. They says Cloud technologies and AI could potentially help banks weather significant socio-economic changes created due to the Coronavirus crisis.

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Digital Transformation Underway in Middle East & North Africa
Accelerated improvements in digital infrastructure in the wake of globalization and interconnectedness has directed the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) to incorporated digitization across business, government and private settings. Over the years, companies across the region have leveraged cloud, big data, social and mobile technologies to acquire a competitive edge.

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Digital Transformation Is Urgent, but Where to Find the Budget?
According to consulting company McKinsey, 70 percent of executives said that the current crisis is likely to accelerate pace of digital transformation. Further, McKinsey says that 60 percent of all jobs could see more than 30 percent of their key tasks automated by 2030. “The COVID-19 crisis has given us a sudden glimpse into a future digital world, forcing both organizations and individuals further up the adoption curve overnight.”

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<< Source: Israel Hayom & TechTalks & Forbes >>

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