eCloudvalley Newsroom – Reimagine the world after COVID-19 (0612-0618)

Welcome to eCloudvalley Newsroom. Even though the importance of digital strategies is not a new concept, it has taken on whole new meaning now that many industries have become more reliant on them during the pandemic.

How digital transformation may help real estate weather Covid-19 storm
To stay relevant, many real estate companies have started spending exponentially more on an array of digital marketing solutions and other productive online tools to enhance brand value and build trust without a physical face to face.

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8 ways ASEAN consumer habits will change by 2030 – shaped by COVID-19, tech and more
The pandemic is accelerating the digital future, with many consumers making their first digital purchases and existing consumers spending more time online. Across the region, total streaming time over mobile phones grew 60% from 20 January to 11 April this year.

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Digital strategies prove critical for future growth amid COVID-19 pandemic
Most companies used their digital platforms to help consumers easily pay their bills or schedule appointments. That quickly changed once the pandemic began.
“Health systems almost overnight had to stand up a full virtual care offering because the brick-and-mortar care-delivery models that they had existed on for forever were no longer going to work because of COVID-19 related restrictions,”

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<< Source: Financial Express & World Economic Forum & MobiHealthNews >>

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