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Welcome to eCloudvalley Newsroom. Drones already have a huge impact on our lives. For example, they could help clean big areas like sports stadiums to prevent virus, track Australia wildlife’s movements to help keep them safe, and monitor active volcanoes. Let’s see how drones are changing our lives.

Is coronavirus changing the world of cleaning?
A company has adapted its drones to spray disinfectant and can cover up to 23,000 sq ft (2,140 sq m) an hour. It is potentially a way to clean sports stadiums and the company says it is in talks with NFL teams. Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, the drones were used for exterior cleaning of multi-storey buildings.

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Drones keep a close eye on Australia’s wildlife
Australia’s wildlife is under threat from disease and bushfires. But now drones and thermal imaging technology are being used to track their movements to help keep them safe.

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Monitoring active volcanoes with the help of drones
Drones have become a critical tool for professionals working in a large variety of different sectors such as public safety, search and rescue, infrastructure inspection, surveying and mapping, wildlife conservation and many more.

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<< Source: BBC & sUAS News >>

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