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Welcome to eCloudvalley Newsroom. Are drones changing the way we live? The answer is definitely yes. During the coronavirus pandemic, some people start to use drones to deliver stuff which can help them work more efficiently and more safety. There’s no doubt that drones can make a big impact to us after COVID-19.

Zipline drones deliver supplies and PPE to US hospitals
The pandemic has prompted a handful of new drone deliveries. The Windracers Ultra fixed-wing drone has been delivering PPE from Hampshire to the Isle of Wight – a 10-minute journey – and in Ireland, Manna Aero is working with the health authority to deliver prescriptions and other essential supplies to a small rural town. Robotics expert Prof Noel Sharkey believes the pandemic could make drone deliveries more common.

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Coastguard plans to add drones to air fleet
Drones are expected to play a role in coastguard search and rescue (SAR) operations in the near future. The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) wants to make greater use of the technology as part of a new SAR contract to be awarded in 2024. The contract also covers the continued provision of rescue helicopters, including those based in Scotland, and search planes.

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Drone drops off Isle of Mull coronavirus masks
Trials of delivery by drone are taking place on the Isle of Mull on Scotland’s west coast. Masks and dummy cargo are being flown between Oban and the hospital on the island. The project involves Argyll and Bute Health and Social Care Partnership, drone delivery firm Skyports and Thales, with special permission from the Civil Aviation Authority.

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