eCloudvalley Newsroom – Reimagine the world after COVID-19 (0522-0528)

Welcome to eCloudvalley Newsroom. Did you notice there’s something different in the world? Due to the impact of coronavirus, many industries start to change the way they work. Let’s reimagine the world after COVID-19 now.

What life and tech may look like after COVID-19
It’s safe to say most aspects of life will be quite different after the global coronavirus pandemic ends. Will everyone work from home? Will global supply chains withstand breakdowns? Will we ever shake hands again or sit next to a stranger on a 15-hour flight?

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12 tech solutions for a post-COVID-19 airport experience
Currently, a lot of airports rely on manual temperature checks and while these are the quickest solution to implement at short-notice. However, this won’t be efficient enough in the long run, as it can create high costs for airports, poses high safety and contamination risks for staff and is incompatible with social distancing measures, leading to high processing times. But with “Infection Detection and Containment System”, everything can be changed!

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Facebook to permanently move to remote work even after coronavirus lockdowns ease
Facebook Inc will permanently embrace remote work even after coronavirus lockdowns ease which will accelerate the tech sector’s geographic diversification away from its home in Silicon Valley.
The move is the most significant yet by a tech giant to reimagine what work culture will look like in a post-coronavirus world, as the pandemic upends office and commuting habits for companies around the world.

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