eCloudvalley Launches SAP Migration Acceleration Program to Speed up Enterprises’ Digital Transformation 2020-12-28T19:57:04+00:00


eCloudvalley Launches SAP Migration Acceleration Program
to Speed up Enterprises’ Digital Transformation

Taiwan, 25 December 2020 – eCloudvalley, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, has launched the SAP migration acceleration program for enterprises that use Amazon Web Services (AWS). Also as an SAP Gold Partner, eCloudvalley provides one-stop SAP solutions for planning SAP architectures on AWS, migrating systems and operating its cloud environment.

eCloudvalley is recognized for its SAP Competency with superior technical capabilities and rich experiences in the field of SAP workloads on AWS. In this program, eCloudvalley offers a reliable SAP transformation journey with several benefits:

   Cost effective Migration and close-to-zero downtime
eCloudvalley helps customers migrate SAP workloads to AWS at close-to-zero downtime and ensures a highly cost-effective infrastructure compared with the traditional on-premises set up.
Automated Monitoring and Healing
eCloudvalley uses a centralized management platform, ATLAS, to monitor the entire AWS infrastructure and SAP application. Atlas is a tool developed by eCloudvalley that can quickly deploy, secure, streamline, and automate cloud operations. It optimizes performance on the cloud and reduces costs through regular health check reports and best practice recommendations.
Proven SAP Migration Methodology and Framework
eCloudvalley uses the best practice to migrate customers’ SAP systems and applications to AWS through a 4-step process that ensures a high success from preparation to deployment.
Stimulating data-oriented innovation
eCloudvalley provides end-to-end AWS data solutions, which can be broken down into the following steps: gathering silo information using SAP Data Connector (a service developed by eCloudvalley), data cleansing, analyzing and visualizing. Data from SAP, along with scattered data from different business departments can be combined together to be used in machine learning or AI application to gain business insight. In all, by applying eCloudvalley’s end–to-end solution, customers will set foot on the path to digital transformation and eventually become an intelligent enterprise.

Along with agile and efficient cloud solutions, eCloudvalley’s SAP Migration Acceleration Program can help enterprises achieve better business outcomes than traditional data centers. It also helps secure SAP systems and applications and make them highly available.

“To keep business from unpredictable risks, Cypress deploys SAP disaster recovery on AWS. With eCloudvalley’s competencies in AWS and SAP, they protected data on our ERP system securely and effectively. We achieved RTO in 4 hours and RPO in 15 minutes, which exceeded our expectations. Adopting AWS paves the way for us to get started in our digital transformation journey and innovate in every way.” Stated by Mars Lin in 2020, Cypress IT manager.

For those companies starting their transformation journey, migrating SAP workloads on AWS is the milestone for transformation. It shall be the essential way to activate enterprises to gain more valuable cloud services and innovate more skillfully.

“We believe that transformation is the turning key to success. eCloudvalley helped Roo Hsing expand globally and agilely with migrating SAP on AWS. Moreover, now we have every confidence in the following innovation to optimize customer experience.” Stated by Chen Shih-hsiu in 2018, Roo Hsing chairman.

“eCloudvalley provides professional SAP consultancy services and customized SAP system deployment onto the Cloud to improve the performance of customer’s business processes and enhance their global expansion with managed operations, data analysis, and AI applications.” Stated by MP Tsai in 2020, eCloudvalley CEO.

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