eCloudvalley achieved AWS “The Top APN Consulting Partner” on July 30th, 2019, AWS Summit Day, and at the same time received confirmation letter from AWS, becoming a premier consulting partner of AWS. The recognition of this award not only represents that eCloudvalley has AWS professional technical skills and rich experience but also become a leader among 115 AWS-certified consulting partners.

The ability to stand out from the pool of AWS consulting partners is not just a matter of time. Since eCloudvalley was founded in 2014, the company has put all of its efforts on groping and learning AWS and has been deeply involved in technical skills and services of AWS. At present, eCloudvalley has cultivated a team with mature technical skills which acquired more than 300 of AWS certifications and has served nearly 1000 clients with its professional skills. As a result, eCloudvalley always offers clients the best solutions with their rich amount of experiences, especially the networking solution, which is highly recognized by AWS.

eCloudvalley is the first consulting partner who passes AWS IoT certification in Greater China Region (GCR) and have always developing networking solutions and provides enterprises a full range of internet solutions, import service of AWS IoT Core, Business logic system integration and end-user APP development. eCloudvalley does not lock in clients data assets, does not charge according to the number of devices but automatically deploys in minutes. The solution is both available for AWS global regions and AWS China (Beijing) Region operated by Beijing Sinnet Technology. Businesses who apply the IoT solution can reduce 80% of development time and 40% of operation costs. The solution not only provides a better user’s experience but also assists AWS to reach the industry application in a shorter time, adding more IoT cases and opportunity of practice.

As a Premier Consulting Partner of AWS, eCloudvalley committed to providing enterprises the most professional consulting and technical support services, which included cloud migration, IoT platform, DevOps, big data, serverless, container, Next-gen MSP and cloud training to help businesses achieve digital transformation.

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