eCloudvalley Becomes Protect4S new partner in GCR and SEA region and Strengthen SAP solution Securely

eCloudvalley, a global AWS SAP Managed Service Provider has signed a partnership with Protect4S. With eCloudvalley as a partner, Protect4S expands its market reach to Greater China Region (GCR) and other countries in South-East Asia (SEA) such as Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore. At the same time, eCloudvalley strengthens their SAP managed and value-added service in secure.

Linda Lin, General Manager at eCloudvalley, says: “We thoroughly examined the Protect4S solution during an extensive PoC and concluded that with Protect4S we can offer our customers an advanced SAP security service. In addition to the extensive functionalities and ease of use, the cost-efficient solution is an important factor for the target market. We help our customers embark on digital transformation journey especially for mission-critical workload-SAP ERP system including SAP migration to cloud and managed service covering cloud infrastructure and SAP applications. With Protect4S solution, we differentiate ourselves from offering 360° SAP managed services from infra layer and application layer of SAP security.”

Since the cloud is recognized as the ideal environment for SAP production systems, eCloudvalley makes efforts to facilitate SAP innovation with cloud and meet the compliance at the same time. Protect4S provides around 2000 security checks at any frequency. Moreover, it automates many processes and guides additional actions via clear dashboards, mitigation plans and reports. These features save the cost and human efforts on executing all checks and analyses manually.

“Our global network of partners continues to grow and with eCloudvalley we are expanding our footprint in Asia tremendously. It is fantastic to see that every time, SAP service providers from all over the world are fully convinced to choose Protect4S as the preferred solution for their SAP cybersecurity services.” says Onno Coenen, Partner & Commercial Lead at Protect4S.

About Protect4S
Protect4S is a certified SAP Platform Security solution that enables SAP security automation and continuous improvement by a repeated process of: Scanning – Analysis – Mitigation. This is executed on all relevant layers of Operating System, Database and Application. Founded in 2010 in The Netherlands, Protect4S is operational worldwide with customers and partners all over the world. See also

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