eCloudvalley Becomes APN Managed Service Partners to Enhance Global Service Capabilities

eCloudvalley has become Managed Service Partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) , and gradually enhance its global cloud services capabilities.


eCloudvalley is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Channel Reseller, dedicated to AWS. Until now, eCloudvalley obtains over 50 AWS certifications and  serves over 300 AWS projects worldwide.Through the cooperation with international system integrators such as ScienceLogic and Splunk , eCloudvalley continuously enhances its self-developed cloud management platform .The platform aims to help customers manage  cloud resources, monitor cloud activities, and optimize the cloud architecture and budget for customers.


“As a global APN partner, our goal is to help customers quickly deploy globally  and ensure predictable return on investment, compliance and enterprise-class operating assurance on AWS.” eCloudvalley General Manager, Lin Yi says “We think working closely with AWS and becoming a next-generation APN managed service partner will ensure that our own cloud services meet the best practices of MSP .”


eCloudvalley continues to deploy globally with strongholds in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China, with customers in major industries including Fortune 500 companies. eCloudvalley is familiar with cloud infrastructure and application relocation and provides automated management and intelligent forecasting, which are trusted by customers and meet the standards of new generation Managed Services.

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