eCloudvalley-AWS leader in the greater China region

eCloudvalley is now the first company in the Greater China Region (GCR) to achieve Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Consulting Partner status, which is the highest standard attainable in the AWS Partner Network (APN). In the global, this honor is awarded only to industry leaders, such as Accenture, Rackspace, and NTT Data. It demonstrates the significant investment that APN Partners have made in solution deployment and management on the AWS Cloud.

Being an AWS Premier Consulting Partner places eCloudvalley among the highest level of APN Consulting Partners in the world. It demonstrates that eCloudvalley has achieved the highest level of performance and is staffed by highly qualified technical consultants in all business matters related to AWS. They possess extensive experience from providing technical advice to complete architecture solutions, and this experience is backed by certification in such programs as the APN Competency Program and AWS Managed Service Program. Demonstrating the company’s commitment to developing its expertise, eCloudvalley has been invited every year since establishment to attend the annual “AWS re:Invent” conference, where certified partners are recognized for their achievements.

Rapid Expansion, Rigorous Auditing

eCloudvalley was established in Taiwan in 2014, beginning at the most basic partner level in the APN. With a small but highly qualified team of professionals, eCloudvalley expanded into China in 2015 and Hong Kong in 2016. Throughout our rapid advancement to becoming an AWS Premium Consulting Partner, we have been committed to staff training and development, thereby building experience and confidence. This commitment has paid off, with eCloudvalley finally being awarded Premier Consulting Partner status on April 7, 2017. Both the prestige of being awarded this status and the momentum with which it was attained demonstrate the depth of eCloudvalley’s experience and capabilities.

Experience and Capabilities, Assets, and Service Delivery

With almost 100 AWS certifications, including five staff who have achieved “AWS All-5 Certification,” the eCloudvalley team is the most experienced team in the GCR. It is from this depth of experience that eCloudvalley derives its capabilities in delivering solutions that increase business value, and this enables eCloudvalley to provide total system migration solutions that enable immediate up-scaling while saving on human resource and hardware costs. Worldwide, eCloudvalley has delivered more than 1000 AWS cloud projects, providing solutions for businesses in such industries as manufacturing, Internet technology, media, finance, and many others. This demonstrates eCloudvalley’s complete range of experience in managing AWS Migration Services.

As the only Premier Consulting Partner covering the GCR, eCloudvalley is a “born-in-the-cloud” service provider that is 100% focused on AWS. To provide complete in-cloud solutions, eCloudvalley has dedicated resources for nine regions in Asia, the United States, and Europe, ensuring that solutions can be tailored according to customer needs by providing flexibility for interregional up-scaling for both small local enterprises and multinational corporations.

Our service delivery model is aimed at building a complete cloud ecosystem, in which we not only provide services but also connect people. With this in mind, every solution that eCloudvalley provides is delivered with a customer-obsessed focus. This commitment to service quality significantly enhances our customers’ business value by providing cloud solutions that are entirely tailored to their needs. Our solutions have helped enterprises not only effectively save on operating costs and but also fulfill best practices. eCloudvalley’s extensive experience and capabilities have been met with success in utilizing cloud resources to transform customer IT architectures and applications, and it is through this success that we have been able to enhance the business value of our customers.

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