eCloudvalley achieves AWS Data & Analytics Competency, dedicated to providing complete data solution

eCloudvalley officially achieves AWS Data & Analytics competency in July 2019. This competency shows that eCloudvalley can assist customers to migrate on-premise data centers on the AWS cloud platform and explore the best way for customers to manage their data through data analytics. Additionally, eCloudvalley is the only partner who had achieved Data & Analytics competency on both AWS Global and AWS China. This proves that eCloudvalley has excellent techniques in AWS cloud and data analysis and has a rich amount of experience in data analysis.

Moreover, eCloudvalley has a dedicated data analysis and machine learning team, which all of the team members had obtained the AWS certified Big Data-Specialist certification and accumulated a wealth experience and successful cases through practices. Taking a global retail company as an example, the professional data team of eCloudvalley had helped the company to design and architect modern Data Warehouse and analytic platform on Cloud, leveraging the scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of AWS. As a result, the customer saved more than 50% of time spent on waiting for the standard sales performance dashboard to generate and 1/3 cost comparing to on-premises, which enabled the self-service analytics capability within the organization.

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