Data is the new oil.

U.K. mathematician Clive Humby (2006)

In 2009, Forbes postulated that data and information were the new global currency. It means we cannot underestimate the importance of data. It drives every action and also it’s the lifeblood of any organization. AWS services can help transfer the massive data into useful information.

Enjoy customized data extraction routes

You can conduct analytics on SAP data to identify how variables such as weather and futures prices affect your business. You can use AWS real-time streaming service to conduct data verification, integration, extraction, and modeling. The fee you pay is linked to the flow of data. In other words, you only have to pay for what you use, significantly reducing the cost of deploying infrastructures.

Tap into unlimited sources of data

Once you start tapping the flexible data storage and data handling capacity offered by AWS, no longer do you have to speculate the amount of data you would use and overspend because of wrong guesses. AWS’s data lake solution can be used to store huge amounts of data and can be integrated with SAP HANA to create a federation query system, which reduces the cost of owning huge analytics system.

Discover new values through self-service data analytics

You can build data models to run analytics on your own according to your specific needs, reducing the cost of repeated analytic reports and expediting the reporting process. You can simply extract crucial data which benefits your decision-making. Therefore, cutting down the cost of ownership from dashboard and reporting system is no longer a miracle. AWS allows you to expand or downsize resource capacity according to actual demands.


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