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About AWS

AWS – The Leader in Cloud

The Amazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary of Amazon.com, is a secure cloud service platform which provides computing services, database storage, content delivery, and other functionality that assist businesses grow and scale. Up till now, there are more than one million AWS clients, including Spotify, Airbnb, MLB, Pinterest, etc.

AWS has been working closely with various big organizations for almost a decade. Now, AWS cloud technology offers a whole new, more flexible service bundle for their clients. Advanced functionality (such as database engines, server configuration, encryption and powerful big data tools) allows its clients to focus on their businesses instead of spending time on procuring or handling infrastructure.

AWS’s global market share far exceeds the other cloud computing companies. Currently, 190 countries are using services provided by the AWS. The AWS operates 44 Availability Zones in 16 geographic Regions in the world and has announced to add 14 more Availability Zones and 5 more Regions in China, France, Hong Kong, and Sweden, as well as a second AWS GovCloud Region in the United States.

Six Advantages

of Cloud Computing

No Upfront Cost

Instead of having to invest heavily in data centers and servers, you can only pay when you consume computing resources, and only pay for how much you consume.

Economies of Scale

Because usage from hundreds of thousands of customers are aggregated in the cloud, Amazon Web Services can achieve higher economies of scale which translates into lower pay as you go prices.

Stop Guessing Capacity

With cloud computing, you can access as much or as little as you need, and scale up and down as required with only a few minutes notice.

Increase Speed and Agility

Reduce the time it takes to make those resources available to your developers from weeks to just minutes. This results in a dramatic increase in agility for the organization.

No Maintenance Cost

Cloud computing lets you focus on your own customers, rather than on the heavy lifting of racking, stacking and powering servers.

Go Global

Easily deploy your application in multiple regions around the world with just a few clicks.

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