Cloud Native Workstation Secures the Workloads in Financial Institutions

In modern era, security is one of the most critical issues for financial institutions. They must ensure all systems or solutions meet compliances rules from governance organization. Hence, there are strict auditing process to review the end-to-end solutions and services in the organization to ensure all criteria are fit with the rules including the workstation that used by staffs.

Financial institutions with sensitive data are strongly prohibited to happen data leakage and exposure data publicly. Therefore, lots of the applications can only be accessed by staffs via the office network. This wasn’t a concern for the company before the pandemic.

Since 2020, countries are impacted by pandemic and most employees are forced to practice social distancing. To ensure the companies to be able to operate as usual even under pandemic, a secure and reliable workstation solutions are essential to ensure staffs able to continue their daily workloads from anywhere.

Amazon Workspaces is a service provided by AWS and offers a secure, reliable and scalable access to persistent desktop from any location. With Amazon Workspaces, staffs in a financial institution are able to access their workstations and work remotely even they don’t physically present in office.

Amazon Workspaces is distributed within Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to help users access to encrypted storage with no data loss. With the flexibility of VPC configuration, secure connection can be set up between Amazon Workspaces and existing on-premises infrastructure, so staffs are able to access to its private infrastructure securely.

Additionally, configuration of Amazon Workspaces can be standardized by creating customize bundle for it. Workstations can be easily prepared for staffs in different locations. All the workstations come with the same configuration that has been tested and audited to ensure the workstations are fit with the compliances.

Inconclusion, a secure, reliable, and scalable workstations is essential to allow financial institution to continue operate to provide services to consumers, and Amazon Workspaces will be a great choice for financial institutions, that must fit with the compliances to protect privacy and benefit of consumers. At the same time, it reduces time and cost needed for the workstation preparation.

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