Cloud Migration Case Study: Migrating a production eCommerce workload with CloudEndure within a week


CloudEndure Migration helps to simplify and automate migration to AWS. Continuous Data Replication takes place in the background, without application disruption or performance impact, which ensures that data is synced in real time and minimizes cutover windows. Once the migration cutover is initiated, CloudEndure executes a highly automated machine conversion and orchestration process to allow applications and databases to run natively in AWS without compatibility issues.

5 Key Steps migrating to AWS

• Set up and configurations
Install CloudEndure agent on source machines. Making sure environments are allowing connection to CloudEndure portal and the target environment.

• Migration plan and steps
Create migration plan on CloudEndure with launching steps. Each step is defined by the identified workload dependencies. Machine type and network settings are defined within the plan.

• Continuous Replication
CloudEndure agents will start continuous block-level replication in the background. No production servers should be affected. Business as usual.

• Rehearsal, test and develop launch automation
Perform multiple rehearsal is crucial in the migration process. This process targets to discover missing pieces in order to allow complete launch automation in the Cloud. Repeat testing the testing instances on the Cloud and develop automation scripts are the key to achieve a low down time migration process.

• Launch
With all production verification process, contingency plans and recovery procedures in place, we are ready to launch and perform the cutover. This concludes the Migration process with CloudEndure.

Migration Readiness Assessment – Plan a secure and reliable migration process

eCloudvalley offers Migration Readiness Assessment in order to identify the risk and formulate a migration plan with shortest down time. Our migration experts will perform the migration process and steps with our client. This is to ensure a secure and reliable workload is migrated to the Cloud smoothly.

Migration Readiness Assessment _1
Migration Readiness Assessment _2

Migration Readiness Assessment

Case Study – Migrate a production eCommerce to AWS within a week

The client is a well-known Japanese appeal brand. It has over 600 stores worldwide. When the data centre of the client was shutting down its operations, a fast and accurate migration of the whole workload of that client into Amazon’s AWS was required. Using CloudEndure’s Migration Solution, the data and applications of that client’s services were seamlessly moved from the client’s hosted datacenter into AWS. The migration process was successfully completed one week before the deadline of three weeks.

The Challenge

The client is running a large-scale production e-commerce applications in a data center. The client was suddenly confronted with the fact that his hosted datacenter was shutting down. To make things more complicated, the customer was in the middle of a massive marketing camping, which required that staff must have instant access to all transaction data and applications on the servers to process delivery and logistics. As such situation, downtime was not an option.

The Solution

The migration solution that eCloudvalley was looking for had to be based on proven technology that could be easily deployed quickly and without incurring high costs. eCloudvalley has setup a POC to test CloudEndure’s Migration Solution and within a week decided to go with CloudEndure since the POC was successful and it was even smoother and quicker than anticipated.
The preparation for the migration encompassed the handling of raw data on the servers and setting up the logins, mail servers, caching, etc. A sandbox environment was used to test that the migration completed successfully before cutting over. This preparation was key for the migration taking only a few short days and having worked so well.


The large-scale e-commerce system with production, staging, testing and development environment were migrated successfully to AWS. The whole migration project took one week and was completed one week before the deadline.
The cut-over was so seamless, IT employee never noticed that all their data and applications had moved to AWS. As promised by eCloudvalley, the migration was conducted within time and budget.


The client was impressed with how quick and reliable the whole migration process was, especially with the stringent deadline. eCloudvalley has successfully completed a migration journey with the client. CloudEndure was a great tool to provide a quick, seamless, and on time migration without any loss of data or other issues.

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