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Data Lake solution

eCloudvalley provides AMPOS Data Lake solution to solve the demand of handling and analyzing increasing data volume. The Data Lake accelerates the innovation of AMPOS’s products and provides customers with more value.

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AI & AR Applications

eCloudvalley helps Perfect Corp. building SaaS software on AWS, enables 25% cost optimization, proves Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance and scales globally with zero interruptions to existing customers’ operations.

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Oracle Database Migration

Case Study - Payeasy

eCloudvalley helps Payeasy migrate the local operating environment to AWS, which shift the cost of traditional physical machines and maintenance personnel to more business valuable application development.

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DevOps Implementation

Case Study - TVBNMG

eCloudvalley provides solutions to optimize the utilization of AWS and foster the culture of DevOps in TVBNMG. This project helps TVBNMG develop a CI/CD workflow which improves efficiency and agility.

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SAP S/4 HANA Migration

Case Study - Roohsing

eCloudvalley helps RooHsing migrate and set up the new ERP system to SAP S/4 HANA on AWS. Using AWS, RooHsing can react to a dynamic market more quickly, making timely and accurate business decisions.

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Automated Managed Services

Case Study - Kadokawa Taiwan

Atlas, cloud management platform developed by eCloudvalley, assists Kadokawa Taiwan with service monitoring, financial management and best practices by a set of managed service standard operating procedures.

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Highly Scalable Architecture

Case Study - tixCraft

Using AWS has enabled tixCraft to accommodate more than 200,000 concurrent users online during the peak time, and to capture and manage large data volumes for analysis and reporting when required.

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