X.D. Global CO., LTD.

About X.D. Global CO., LTD.

X.D. Global CO., LTD. is one of the largest mobile game companies in Shanghai, China. X.D. is a company specializing in video games, mainly engaged in online game operation and electronic game distribution in Mainland China.

X.D. Global’s Challenge

1. The delay and instability of the network

For gamers, the stability of the network greatly affects the user experience. Therefore, when X.D. is preparing to release an MMORPG mobile game product RO Online overseas, it first considers reducing the delay of the player and the stability of the network, hoping to ensure that the game faces a large number of concurrent data interactions in the early stage of launch Under the circumstances, the stable operation of the service can still be maintained. However, self-built servers overseas are costly and insufficient flexibility. Therefore, X.D. wants to achieve its goal of successfully releasing its game products overseas through the excellent backbone network and infrastructure of AWS distributed around the world.

2. Lack of experience in cloud deployment

In the previous closed beta of the game, the X.D. ‘s ground-end computer room has begun to operate at full capacity. Due to the company’s business expansion and in order to provide customers with a more user-friendly gaming experience, Xindongwang plans to deploy the same service to AWS Singapore Region. They hope to migrate the three applications from the IDC server system without changing the game architecture. They can continuously update game statistics and player status, and effectively process the collected large amount of customer behavior data in a cost-effective manner. However, due to the lack of experience in cloud deployment, it is impossible to develop an architecture design and solution that meets its needs. Taking into account the overall cost-effectiveness, and based on the good cooperation between eCloudvalley and X.D. when deploying Seoul services, X.D. has decided that this project will still be completed with eCloudvalley (the project includes 3 application migrations: RO Game system, business logic system and big data system).

3. The cost is huge, affecting income generation

X.D. hopes that after the system is deployed, it can cope with the traffic and database pressure caused by millions of concurrent online users. At the same time, it also hopes to control costs and reduce the fixed investment in the early stage and the idle waste of resources in the later stage. In addition, the operation and maintenance of the platform also requires the training of relevant technical personnel, which will increase the cost of learning and labor. However, companies prefer to focus on core business rather than operation and maintenance.

Solutions provided by eCloudvalley

1. Reduce delay and ensure network stability

eCloudvalley uses AWS’s excellent backbone network and infrastructure to allow customers to separate different businesses. Even if they are distributed in different availability zones, they can ensure the timeliness and continuity of the business, achieve high availability and ensure service Stable operation. At the same time, using Amazon Aurora to support a large number of write operations, the delay can even be kept within 35 milliseconds to ensure that the enterprise can continue to expand the user base. In addition, eCloudvalley chose ElastiCache + Aurora to ensure the stable operation of the database. Redis helps customer data to be temporarily cached. Through the powerful concurrent performance of Aurora and multiple read-only copies, it ensures that the game faces a large number of concurrent data interactions in the early stage of launch. Under the circumstances, it can still maintain strong performance, which is highly recognized by game users. When RO was first launched, it ranked first among the free and highest paid mobile games in Korea.

2. Quickly achieve optimal deployment

Through discussion, eCloudvalley continuously optimizes the customer’s AWS service architecture until it can meet the best practices of security and cost optimization. At the same time, eCloudvalley’s technical team provides 24/7 online answers and on-site support for X.D. with its experience in serving multiple game companies. In response to customer needs, eCloudvalley recommends using Aurora to replace the previous excessively expensive MySQL cluster, so that customers can continuously collect, update and process game data without changing a large amount of code. Such a huge write operation The burden can easily reach 25,000 queries per second, which exceeds the limit of traditional MySQL. eCloudvalley assisted the customer in completing the migration project within four months and achieved the expected results.

3. Realize cost optimization

After eCloudvalley’s suggestion, customers use AWS’s highly available service configuration, which can automatically scale the platform in the case of large emissions. Automated operation and maintenance reduces complexity and labor costs, enabling companies to focus on their main business and create revenue. In addition, you can pay by usage and process a variety of customer behavior data in a cost-effective manner, reducing costs by 40%.

4. Improve safety and ensure smooth operation

eCloudvalley recommends that the production environment and development environment be built under different subnets, inbound traffic can be restricted through Network ACL and Security Groups, rules can be set, and IAM can be used for permission management. In addition, enable monitoring for all services, monitor the running status of the game in real time, quickly solve operation and maintenance problems encountered during production, and ensure the smooth operation of services.

“Ragnarok Online (the MMORPG mobile game we just launched in Korea) needs to constantly update game statistics and player status. Such a huge write load can easily reach 25,000 queries per second, which exceeds the limit of traditional MySQL. Thanks. With the help of Amazon Aurora database, we can complete this task without changing a lot of code, and even keep the delay within 35 milliseconds to ensure that we can continue to expand our user base. Thanks to the high performance and availability provided by Amazon Aurora, Ragnarok Online At the time of its launch, it ranked first among the free and highest-paid mobile games in Korea.”