About tixCraft

Founded in 2013, tixCraft sells online tickets to concerts, sporting events, film festivals, and other events in Taiwan. The company’s services to clients include creating and managing event ticketing, offering tickets for sale through a range of channels, delivering real-time sales reports, and providing on-site box-office services through a management console. The company is the latest venture from ticketing and promotions specialists who have been operating in the industry for more than a decade.


  1. TixCraft’s on-premise infrastructure could not scale to support surges in traffic when tickets for popular entertainment acts went on sale.
  2. The ticket surges would sometimes render tixCraft’s websites and mobile applications inaccessible for up to several hours, frustrating and angering fans of the entertainers in question.
  3. The business needed to move to an infrastructure that could scale out to support demand peaks without incurring massive capital and operating costs.
  4. The infrastructure also had to deliver close to 100 percent availability to ensure fans could access the service for information and tickets from any location with a web connection.


Migrating its databases, websites, e-commerce, and analysis and reporting systems into an AWS infrastructure.

AWS Products Used & Architecture

EC2、S3、VPC、ELB、DynamoDB、RDS、Route53、CloudFront、Auto Scaling

tixCraft-AWS Products Used & Architecture

The Benefit

  1. The business can seamlessly scale to support demand peaks such as selling 120,000 tickets in 12 minutes for popular artist aMEI I AMIT Utopia’s 10 concerts at the Taipei Arena, and more than 30,000 tickets in three minutes for Korean pop band BIGBANG’s concerts at the same venue.
  2. Using Amazon DynamoDB has enabled tixCraft to increase read-write input- output operations from 20 to 135,000 per second, allowing the business to accommodate more than 100,000 concurrent users online during the peak time, and to capture and manage large data volumes for analysis and reporting when required.

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