Global Retailers for Self-Service Analytics

A worldwide retail company which is highly diversified across 30+ brands, products, distribution channels and geographies with 50,000+ associates and $10+ billion in revenue. It covers America, Europe, Asia Pacific with 100+ subsidiaries spreading in 30+ countries.

Customer’s Challenge

As a leading global company, it needs accumulate and analyze historical data for management to get the full picture of the corporate and individual brand performances. The existing on-premise data warehouse could no longer cater the massive data volume growth with big data and fast-growing business users’ unexpected analytic requests. Long waiting time for standard report generation, limitations to ad-hoc analytics, rigidity in traditional data warehouse are all the pain points to customer in unleashing its own data analytical capability. On the other hand, as a global company, how to create an easy managing cross-regional data platform is another important issue.

Solutions from eCloudvalley

eCloudvalley helped the customer to design and architect the modern Data Warehouse and analytic platform on Cloud, leveraging the scalability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness with AWS.

  • Scalability: Using S3 to serve as Data Lake for unlimited storage to both relational and non-relational data
  • Flexibility: Leveraging various analytical services from AWS for data cleansing, data transformation, and data modeling depending in different use cases and scenarios, using AWS Glue, EMR and Redshift. eCloudvalley helped the customer to choose the suitable services for best analytical performance.
  • Cost Effectiveness: By decoupling the traditional data warehouse into various AWS components, the customer can leverage S3 as a cost-effective storage and on-demand usage of Redshift and EMR on analytical power compare to traditional data warehouse. These will result in a comparatively cost-saving data platform on AWS compare to on-premises ones.


The following is the main three benefits after the customer collaborate with eCloudvalley:

  1. With the solution, it saves more than 50% of waiting time for standard sales performance dashboard generation and Ad-hoc analysis is easily conducted.
  2. 1/3 cost reduction compare to on-premises
  3. Enabled self-service analytic capability to brand managers and store managers
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