Roo Hsing Co., Ltd.

About Roo Hsing

Founded in 1977, Roo Hsing is the world’s largest jeans manufacturer. Famous fashion brands like Levi’s and H&M are Roo Hsing’s clients in their jeans and other garment production. Now that Roo Hsing is headquartered in Taipei, with factories in China, Cambodia, Myanmar, Tanzania, Nicaragua and El Salvado with a total of 30 factories.

伊雲谷協助搬遷及部署 SAP S/4 HANA 至 AWS 雲端平台​,這也是台灣首起遷移 SAP S/4 HANA 至 AWS 的成功案例,此外,伊雲谷更提供顧問服務及技術支援,協助優化 AWS 雲端關鍵業務應用的功能和提升整體營運效能。​


Roo Hsing has 30 factories and over 35,000 employees in the world. For the company, orders, product line, material procurement, prediction & analysis, business management all need high integration of IT to fulfill the scale and boost overall operation efficacy. However, to deal with this issue, set up and operate IT infrastructure requires high Capex and Opex. Moreover, Roo Hsing lacks of experience and knowledge in cloud operations.


eCloudvalley provides solutions to migrate and set up the new ERP system to SAP S/4 HANA on AWS as the global infrastructure, which is the 1st SAP S/4 HANA successful migration case in Taiwan. Furthermore, they also provide cloud managed service as an external IT arm to operate and manage resources on cloud. During the project, eCloudvalley’s consulting services and technical support have helped Roo Hsing improves the operation efficiency.

The Benefit

Roo Hsing is able to adapt the fast changing market by using AWS platform to make every operation decision more efficient and precise. For example: to optimize manufacture process, improve quality control and fasten the production capacity. AWS strengthen the internal control system, lower the cost, expand the revenue and extend company’s global footprint. Moreover, by using the platform not only symbolizes the determination of the company to take a step to millstone, but also follow the step of innovation and transformation. It helps Roo Hsing to deepen the faith of customer experience.

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