Roo Hsing Co., Ltd.

About Roo Hsing

Roo Hsing is the biggest brand which dedicate in jeans foundry from Taiwan, the foundry products include jeans, woven clothes, knitwear etc. Roo Hsing has special relationship with jeans. Jeans industry is not easy to disappear which have been 162 years since 1853. Roo Hsing continues to deepen its efforts to take Taiwan as its operational headquarters and remain resolutely international in outlook. There are production bases in China, Cambodia, Myanmar, Tanzania, Nicaragua, El Salvador and other places. Roo Hsing’s footsprints are all over the world so their IT system is very important must to be well planned.

伊雲谷協助搬遷及部署 SAP S/4 HANA 至 AWS 雲端平台​,這也是台灣首起遷移 SAP S/4 HANA 至 AWS 的成功案例,此外,伊雲谷更提供顧問服務及技術支援,協助優化 AWS 雲端關鍵業務應用的功能和提升整體營運效能。​


– Extend company’s global footprint
– The SAP expense of infrastructure is too high
– The deployment on-premise unable to innovate quickly and continuously

Solutions provided by eCloudvalley

– The best practice of deploying SAP on AWS
– The Fast Disaster Recovery
– The maintenance service of SAP Netweaver

How to overcome difficulties

– The tripartite cooperation of Roo Hsing, SAP import consultant partner and eCloudvalley complete the SAP and others systems imported and constructed.
– The concept of cost optimization continuously of Roo Hsing they started to using AWS service to improve the system framework.
– eCloudvalley continues to monitor the security environment for Roo Hsing system to ensure the core system is running in a safe and monitored environment.

The Benefit

– Cost saving: Saving 30% of beginning framework before inspection, optimization and adjusting system architecture continuously.
– Speed and agility: The disaster recovery environment of key system can get the resource of cloud computing and storage faster than on-premise to reduce the operating difficulties for key system shutting down.
– Usage setting flexible: Through the integration of automated scripts with AWS APIs, the daily maintenance burden is reduced.
– Improve running efficiency: Use CloudWatch customized to monitor proactively SAP HANA memory database usage and then reduce the burden of daily system inspections by system administrators

AWS Architecture Diagram

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