Consumer Goods Chain Stores for Report Automation & Interactive analysis

A leading Pan-Asian retailer involved in the processing and wholesaling of food and personal products in diverse regions around the world. With 200,000+ employees and $10+ billion in revenue, the company operates 5,000+ stores in 10+ countries in Asia.

Customer’s Challenge

Customer in the previous owned a traditional on-premise data processing journey for report generation, specifically on sales related reports to be sent to senior management on a pdf format. However, senior management would like (1) to perform advanced retail analytics and (2) to get more timely sales reports. These requirements were not easily being catered by the previous on-premises data journey.

Solutions from eCloudvalley

To resolve the two challenges, eCloudvalley would like to leverage AWS as the new automated report generation platform to perform (1) added retail analytic capability and (2) shorten the data processing time by leveraging Redshift’s massive parallel processing power, together with Tableau so that senior management no longer needs to wait for pdfs but they can access to sales and retail analytic dashboard at any time.


  1. Reducing ETL time from >24 hours to 4 hours.
  2. Access of timely reports and dashboards at anytime, anywhere.
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