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PayEasy is one of the largest corporate welfare platform, B2C shopping platform and the most experienced online shopping platform in Taiwan. Over 4 million+ people in Taiwan have registered as members of PayEasy. Launched in 2004, the “PayEasy Welfare Network” aims to provide digitalization of employee welfare platform service that enables enterprise to implement employee welfare policies online. PayEasy assists 400+ companies in solving their welfare concerns, can efficiently realize the electronic payment in the annual festival, and corporates many special contract shops on the platform to provide employees diverse shopping options. At present, there are 10,000+ contracted shops and 20,000+ electronic voucher partners.

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PayEasy’s Challenge

As PayEasy continues to expand its business and combines resources of contracted shops and e-voucher partners into mobile app, it requires more and more IT resources to provide customers and its partners with an excellent shopping experience and effective support to customers’ welfare activities. Seeing the Cloud benefits with lower cost for long term IT maintenance and light-weight on-premises assets, Payeasy decided to leverage AWS. However, the migration is not an easy job in this case for several reasons. First, PayEasy’s original Oracle database version is 10g which is much different to the version of 12c that the Payeasy would like to upgrade to on AWS RDS. Second, the amount of data to be migrated is large, with 12TB in total, which poses data migration job to be quite difficult in terms of time limitation, network limitation and data consistency issues. Third, in order to minimize the effect to customers’ use of the Payeasy platform, the only allowable migration time from Payeasy is limited to 24 hours.

Solutions from eCloudvalley

  • Splitting millions of image files which PayEasy originally stored in the on-premise server according to their attributes. The limitation of large amount of data and bandwidth which would influence the process of uploading to Cloud is avoided.
  • Existing Oracle database is migrated to Amazon RDS.
  • Set up of Disaster Recovery practice to the Oracle Database
  • Continuous monitoring and compliance with an automated mechanism

The Benefits

  • Migration and Upgrade of the old Oracle database to new Oracle database version AWS and continuous optimization
  • Cost savings: Shifting the cost of traditional physical machines and maintenance personnel to more business valuable application development
  • Disaster Recovery: DR keeps operations running at all times
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