Impro Precision Industries Ltd

About Impro Precision

Impro is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-precision, high-tech machined parts that sell a wide range of products. Impro provides custom casting and processing products and surface treatment services to global customer. In addition, Impro’s vertically integrated business model and one-stop solution for their customers which have resulted in Impro’s global leadership. In 2018, there are 15 factories in China, Turkey, Germany, the Czech Republic and Mexico. The product sales area is 42% in the US, 32% in Europe and 26% in Asia. Impro’s products are widely distributed, so they need a complete ERP system and AWS services to assist them.


– Extend company’s global footprint
– Challenges of the key SAP S/4HANA system’s availability

Solutions provided by eCloudvalley

– The best practice of high availability for SAP deploying on AWS
– The high availability and consultancy service for memory database of SAP HANA.
– The high availability and consultancy service for SAP S/4HANA ABAP.

How to overcome difficulties

– The tripartite cooperation of Impro, SAP import consultant partner and eCloudvalley complete the SAP S/4HANA system migration and import the high availability solution for SAP system.
– eCloudvalley continues to monitor the security environment for Impro’s system to ensure the core system is running in a safe and monitored environment.

The Benefit

– Lower TCO: Use AWS service rather than buy the hardware on-premise not only cost down 33% but also can use funds more flexible.
– Improve the stability and agility: Utilize AWS’s regions and Availability Zone features to achieve a cross-zone high availability architecture for SAP systems without the need to build high-cost data centers and infrastructure.
– Flexible setting: Through the integration of automated scripts with AWS APIs, the development and testing of the SAP environment can be temporarily shut down during non-essential use, further reducing system costs.
– Improve running efficiency: Use CloudWatch customized to monitor proactively the usage of SAP HANA memory database and then reduce the burden of daily system inspections by system administrators.

AWS Architecture Diagram

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