AMPOS Solutions

About AMPOS Solution

AMPOS, a leading provider of engaging mobile talent management solutions, is a human resource SaaS service provider specializing in talent development in Asia. To help their customers deal with the fast-changing and unexpected challenges of a dynamic working environment, AMPOS provides an integrated mobile talent management solution that tracks real-time employee status and helps enterprises to achieve efficient communication and optimize the talent management.

Different from the traditional Asian talent management model, AMPOS Solutions provides a module of human resource development solutions with the mission of “Help People Do Better”. AMPOS collects data of employees’ profile, capability, interaction, and performance on the platform they provide and analyses data for effectively helping HR departments in different enterprises to conduct better talent development and optimization.

AMPOS Solution’s Challenge

  • They are leveraging hundreds of TB data scattered in different databases, making it very time-consuming and labor-intensive to collect, organize, and visualize enterprise reports.
  • Furthermore, the increasing requirement for weekly reporting is overwhelming. The tedious and complicated data processing procedure stops data engineers from focusing on analyzing data and getting valuable insights, and it further influences the market strategy of product development and the quality of user services.

Solutions from eCloudvalley

Provide a Data Lake solution to solve the demand of handling and analyzing increasing data volume of AMPOS.

  • The first stage is the data ingestion, which is the basis of establishing the ETL foundation for their three major source databases.
  • The second stage is the data transformation. They converted the original data from ETL to data that matches the business logic.
  • The third stage is data consumption, which is the output API implementation and Amazon QuickSight implementation.

The Benefits

  • Through three phrases, AMPOS can capture the required data through a friendly interface, reduce the cost of back-and-forth communication between end-users and engineers, and make the analysis process efficient and accessible.
  • Data Lake accelerates the innovation of AMPOS’s products and provides customers with more value.
  • AMPOS can effectively analyze the data collected internally, and they can also perform some advanced analysis by combining external data.
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