Working Out in The Comfort of Your Living Room, Wondercise Accelerates the Development of Smart Fitness with eCloudvalley’s Services

The first “fitness community platform”: from fitness equipment research and development to the cloud

WonderCore has been deeply involved in the development and manufacture of home fitness equipment since 2009. To drive the global trend of smart home fitness, WonderCore not only invested a lot of research and development energy but also promoted internal transformation. It began to develop the digital fitness streaming brand Wondercise a few years ago and has accumulated tens of thousands of fans worldwide.

The APP “Wondercise” provides sports video and audio streaming services. With the mission to become the Netflix in the fitness industry,  Wondercise keeps improving its technology to integrate real-time action comparison algorithms into it and grasps the member’s exercise status from data records, such as motion detection, heart rate, calories, age, and weight, etc., combined with third-party devices and synchronization with customer service data, so that users would not be restricted by time and space, and have a great fitness experience while exercising by Wondercise at home. For these reasons, Wondercise won the 2021 German iF Design Award and was shortlisted for the Best of CES 2021 Product of the Consumer Electronics Show in the United States.

Furthermore, Wondercise has launched an online fitness live streaming “Studio” this year where users can compare their movements with instructors in the live group class, mastering their own performance and real-time heart rate, while competing with their classmates. This provides multi-person simultaneous connections and voice coaching. Though the users can’t go out for fitness during a pandemic, Wondercise brings the gym into the comfort of your living room through the cloud technology.

Utilizing cloud since day uno, Wondercise is a super large cloud project that grows with the brand

“The cloud is an inevitable trend. It can improve development efficiency and quickly verify the market as well as product functionality. Especially for a start-up with the limited early-stage capital, the cloud will play a key role in how to capture the first market.”-Wayne Gao, Information Department Manager of Wondercise

Even though the WonderCore development team is mostly made up of hardware engineers, Wondercise recognizes the benefits that cloud services bring to start-up teams, such as iterative and incremental development, flexible integration of multiple APIs, and facing global users, providing a stable and low latency experience. All of this demonstrates the relevance of the cloud for software service providers like Wondercise.”Utilizing the cloud is just the beginning. Wondercise’s APIs and applications are all built on AWS. We will not stop the pace of development. The follow-up development is our focus,” says Wayne. “While Wondercise goes to the cloud, it becomes a super large cloud project that grows with the brand.”

In particular, the pandemic has accelerated digital life globally, and the demand for exercise at home has also grown steadily regardless of national boundaries. Allowing global users to have a diversified fitness experience, Wondercise deployed a microservice architecture on AWS with Amazon ECS to accelerate development and functional verification. It also makes good use of the elastic expansion of the cloud and the content delivery network (CDN), so that the user experience could be smooth even during peak traffic. Up to this point, Wondercise has been used for 17,500 hours throughout the world.

“When using cloud services, customers often stand from a single point of view for measurement, but eCloudvalley can help you to stand at a higher level, integrating all industry information and cloud trends to provide complete and comprehensive recommendations.” – Wayne Gao.

Since day one, the Wondercise team has worked hard to master AWS technology and connect AWS services with business needs without the assistance of eCloudvalley, such as AWS Appsync, AWS Amplify, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon SNS, and so on. However, ensuring that the service application adheres to the AWS Well-Architected Framework has become a possible concern. “It is hard to find out potential risks of our architecture in the configuration under normal circumstances without accidents. When we can solve problems before they occur, we can alleviate potential information security concerns. It is a great help for us.” Wayne said.

The AWS Well-Architected Framework helps customers build a safe, efficient, and flexible environment with the five pillars, operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization. In order to help users around the world build up the most suitable cloud architecture, AWS has issued a special competency plan, and eCloudvalley is on the list of the world’s first batch of qualified consulting partners.

eCloudvalley’s cloud hosting service helps Wondercise achieve the optimization of the cloud environment through regular cost optimization reports, performance optimization reports, and security optimization reports. Wayne was impressed and said; “Under the burden of history, these reports have helped us find many problems. In fact, some services are not used after the PoC, but they are silently operating in the environment. And while the report came out, I was surprised to find out what potential security risk configurations need to be adjusted through the optimization of the configuration of the Internet Connection Security Group.” By deactivating duplicate services and utilizing more appropriate cloud resources to assist Wondercise in completing the task, not only enhances environmental performance but also minimizes cloud cost expenditures. More significantly, it can help to guarantee that the cloud environment is secure.

“While exercising, users couldn’t bear the loading time for even a few seconds, so experience optimization is very important.”- Wayne Gao

With the support of eCloudvalley managed services, the Wondercise team can review the three major reports regularly to ensure the optimization of the cloud environment, and it can focus more on the user experience, product function development, and efficiency improvement. For Wondercise, zero buffering during playback is the most basic requirement of audio-visual streaming services, as users have barely patience nowadays. It can fulfill the minimal criterion of zero buffering using AWS services, but the preloading of sports video material has been lowered from 23 seconds to 1 second, substantially enhancing the user experience.

On the other hand, Wondercise uses the microservice architecture to optimize the efficiency of function deployment, which can split the specific function inflexible way to prevent the overall APP from becoming too complex to affect the consumer experience. Furthermore, it can be more agile in function updates. The associated procedure is shortened from one week to one day to accomplish the adjustment and optimization of zero downtime. It is predicted that automated CI/CD optimization would cut it from hours to minutes in the future.

In the future, Wondercise will continue to improve the user experience and make good use of user data, including using the data of training popular rankings, training duration, and activation, etc. to manage the membership. In addition, to optimize algorithms and user action suggestions through the action comparison system, which let Wondercise become the best partner for smart home fitness.

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