The best way to increase speed and quality, and let the expense go where it is!

According to statistics, those companies that have not optimized ERP, the human error rate is high, which not only reduces the quality but also lengthens the development process. Use AWS services to complete the deployment automation to improve efficiency and reduce risks, enabling companies to focus more on innovation and development.

Simplify delivery and Risk Management

You can use tools like AWS DevOps, AWS CloudTrail, and Amazon CloudWatch to identify key factors for configurating and optimizing application delivery. You can also use these tools to better understand the risks of deployment in PRD environment and automatically deploy/restore SAP environment with the help of AWS CloudFormation.

Develop faster and better

The combination of SAP Gateway and AWS API Gatewway delivers SAP API which deploy OData/SAPUI5 for SAP Fiori and SOAP for system integration automatically.
To fasten application development and assure quality, AWS CodeBuild and AWS CodePipeline shorten development lifecycle and QA tests by preventing human interaction and human error.

Focus on innovation and expansion

You can integrate SAP solutions with non-SAP solutions, thereby placing more business processes under optimal management. You can integrate ABAP Workbench, NWDI, and Solution Manager, and adopt a CI/DI approach to boost innovation, allowing your business to focus more on expansion.


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