AWS re:Invent Recap – Andy Jassy’ keynote

Annual AWS re:Invent was held on 2019 Dec. 2 to Dec. 6 in Las Vegas. What’s the biggest releases this year? Let’s scroll down and explore:

————– 12/02 Tuesday, AWS CEO Andy Jassy Keynote ————–

As a Cloud technology enthusiast, you should have heard of Andy Jassy’s keynote. Delivered by the CEO of AWS, this most awaited keynote has always been the highlight of AWS re:Invent, in which we can enclose what innovation AWS is focusing on this year and the tech giant’s growth strategy.

This year, it was all about transformation and helping enterprise to build the next great innovation. According to Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy, there are four foundational “components” for successful transformation:

  1. Senior Leadership Alignment And Conviction: It’s never easy to do the business transformation. Jassy said organisations needed to get issues ”on the table” in fornt of senior leadership and the leader needed genuine conviction in their response.
  2. Top-Down Aggressive Goals: Leaders need to set ambitious goals that force organisations to move faster than ever.
  3. Train Your Developer: When enterprise in the excitement of moving to cloud, senior leaders often neglect to implement the required training of developers. A successful transformation need not only migrate to cloud but also need a developer team who know how to operate & maintain the cloud computing environment.   >>AWS Training
  4. Don’t Let Paralysis Stop You Before You Start: Analysis Paralysis is an porcess when overanalyzing or overthinking a situation cause forward motion or decision-making to become ”paralyzes”.

In addition to these suggestions for business transformation, Andy Jassy also announced great progress on AWS’s offerings:

Machine Learning

This topic was a big focus of re:Invent, almost releases coming this area.

  • Sagemaker Studio Amazon Sagemaker Studio is a one-station IDE machine learning services, which unifies all the tools needed for ML development. Sagemaker Studio includes:
  • AWS Fraud DetectorFroud Detector allows enterprise to quickly create a fraud detection model without prior ML experiences.
  • Amazon CodeGuru:This releases may attract the attention of every engineer. Amazon CodeGuru utilizes machine learning to streamline the code review process, find errors like violation of AWS best practices. For now, this support GitHub and Code Commit.

And also had other released in this topic such as Contact Lens for AWS connectAmazon Kendra.


  • Graviton EC2 Instances – M6g, R6g, C6g, and Inf1AWS Graviton2 processors deliver a major leap in performance and capabilities over first-generation AWS Graviton processors. They power Amazon EC2 M6g, C6g, and R6g instances that deliver the best price performance for cloud workloads running in Amazon EC2. Amazon EC2 Inf1 instances are built from the ground up to support machine learning inference applications. It can deliver high performance and the lowest cost machine learning inference in the cloud.
  • Fargate for EKSFargate officially support EKS now! For EKS container systems, this is a big news especially since Fargate can apply to the new Compute Savings Plans. From now on, running EKS becomes cheaper and easier.

Data & Storage

  • S3 Access Point: It’s a nightmare to control access when having lots of applications sharing a single S3 bucket. S3 Access Point are designed for this problem, you can configure permission to only access specific parts of the bucket. This new feature can help simplify managing data access at scale in S3 without additional cost.
  • Managed Apache Cassandra ServiceAmazon Managed Apache Cassandra Service is a scalable, highly avalable, and managed Apache Cassandra-compatible database services. This services only charge your actual use fee and will automatically scales table up and down in response to application traffic.

And also had new releases like Redshift RA3 InstancesRedshift AQUA Ultrawarm.

Expanding of cloud

Except compute, storage, databases, and machine learning, Jassy also introduced more distributed options for enterprises:

  • AWS OutpostsAWS Outposts This on-premise versions of AWS infrastructure are designed to make it easy to run a unified hybrid AWS cloud. AWS Outposts offers the same AWS hardware infrastructure, services, APIs, and tools to build and run applications on premises.
  • AWS Local Zones: AWS Local Zones AWS Local Zones are a new type of AWS infrastructure deployment that places AWS services closer to large population, industry, and IT centers where no AWS Region exists today. From now on you can run your latency-sensitive applications without restricted by the geographic restrictions.
  • AWS Wavelength: Developed in partnership with Verizon, AWS Wavelength provides low latency specifically for 5G and mobile applications. It can deliver single-digit millisecond latencies services.

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