Analysis Quick Start For Aviation Industry

Including domestic and international destinations, the customer offers 60+ destinations with 3,000+ employees and is one of the top-of-mind low-cost airlines in the country. Its revenue reaches 1+ billion in 2018.

Customer’s Challenge

The customer faces the challenge of it has multiple data systems from more than 15 business units caused the issue of data silos, and the data use of each business unit are all different. The traditional database can’t support the huge amount of data when the customer tried to analyze the data using the BI tool.

Solutions from eCloudvalley

eCloudvalley used DLMS (Data Lake Management System) to help the customers to build a next-generation data platform with a single source of truth and remove the barrier of data silos.


  1. Through eCloudvalley DLMS, the customer built up data lake and enterprise data warehouse in only days.
  2. Through eCloudvalley DLMS, it helps customer to save up 80% of data processing time.
  3. With a unified platform, 15+ business units can access data from different departments and have real-time and complex analysis anytime.
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