We are quite happy with our decision on the switch to AWS Managed Services with eCloudvalley, because they are not only very competitive in the market, but the team has been responsive and attentive to our requests or problems too.

Ian Ng, CEO - AISA

About AISA Digital

AISA Digital Pte Ltd is a technology venture company incorporated in Singapore. AISA assists companies to actualize digital transformation and automate the translation process of multilingual contents so as to expand their business across Southeast Asia.

AISA combines the power of AI, cloud-based technologies and talented human translators and offers most comprehensive and cost-effective translation solution that fits all size of businesses.

AISA Digital’s Challenge

With the rapid expansion of AISA’s business and product development, all of their business resources and manpower were assigned to achieving other priorities of their business. It was difficult for AISA to solely plan on the right services or applications used to achieve their desired outcomes with limited knowledge on AWS. Due to other commitments of the business, AISA decided it is better to seek assistance from AWS Cloud vendors for transiting their move to AWS. AISA needed a responsive and reliable AWS Cloud vendor to manage their Production and Staging Environment system, ensuring it is in good hands to resolve any arising technical issues surrounding the system.

Solutions from eCloudvalley

eCloudvalley’s Next-Generation Managed Service support plan provides AISA with 7 x 24 technical support, supporting AISA on the architectural planning of their AWS infrastructure, marking out the essential AWS applications for their cloud project. With eCloudvalley’s expertise in AWS, eCloudvalley was able to help AISA of identifying any potential problems and resolving them to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud.

To support AISA’s core SaaS (Software as a service) of translation and localization, Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) was used to enable easy code deployment through their staging and production projects for their software application, alongside hosting proprietary machine translation engines on AWS Cloud for providing automatic multi-lingual translation.

eCloudvalley implemented the Staging Environment, which includes the coordination efforts with AISA’s internal developers to help in troubleshooting and resolving any potential issues.

Achieved Benefits

Through the Managed Service provided by eCloudvalley, AISA was able to achieve a well-structured AWS infrastructure within a short period of time without having to divert their resources on learning how to operate AWS services. eCloudvalley successfully transformed their business digitally and designed the cloud architecture based on AWS best practices suitable for AISA’S business structure. The completed infrastructure gave AISA higher visibility and user-friendly controls over multiple AWS environments, effectively digitalizing their work processes in a more efficient way for easier management.