Move on Next-Generation AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP)

If you don’t have ProServe capabilities, you can’t think of it as a next-generation AWS MSP. Without this first-touch introduction, your customers are less likely to get you involved in too complex workloads over time, particually those with your help in building the infrastructure.

What Does the Future Hold for MSPs?

As the next-generation of AWS MSP, just like in any good fishing trip, you want to grab the opportunity to catch something, and you want to keep moving forward in any situation. AWS Cloud are flexible and elastic. If something you use doesn’t work, you can make change management.

Ultimately, you should let customer do what they want. You can keep accompany with your customers as they need new technologies to address their problems and grow while they continue to grow.

The most important thing is to add value to your customers. You can focus on application-level services such as, disaster recovery, security, DevOps and Infrastructure as a service.

Alternatively, you can build a customized solution based on AWS services such as Amazon EC2 or Amazon RDS. It could be unique solutions that your business can provide with customers.

The profit opportunities for application-level products are much higher (as shown in the chart above, at 7% and 28%, respectively) when making comparison with traditional MSP provider’s profit. This is a great opportunity for your business to do MSP Service for a large customer, and it can also be done by providing a better service to the large customers.



Next Steps

You to look closer at what makes today’s architectures better. Think of these features as your incentive and make them fundamental to what you do.

Today your customers may only use Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, and Amazon Route 53, but within 1 year. They may start exploring containers and other advanced services like serverless. To be the next-generation AWS MSP, your organization must be flexible enough to allow this exploration-instead of offering different solution for different customer scenario.

Guardrails are good things, but they can also be a big obstacle, especially if you want to explore and learn. Most, but not all, customers are already exploring advanced services without your knowledge.

If you’re not looking from your data set to gather more information about what customers want and what they’re struggling with, and shaping customers’ needs for the next 3-5 years. Focusing on what customers need will make your customers stick to you.


These prospective can completely change your narrative completely. Now you should be proactive in thinking about your customers ’problems, understand what they are experiencing, and provide solutions in real time.

Your AWS MSP features and products can evolve as customer needs change. And once you start to change your approach and refocus your mind on what might happen in the future, it’s easier to justify your monthly charges.

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